Design a Gig


Here at Design a Gig we know how difficult it is for bands trying their best to get ahead in the industry - we want to make that journey as easy as possible.


Our aim is to be the reliable group of people you can come to for support in your music career. From playing a live gig, to recording a new album. From working to produce images for your Press Pack, to shooting a music video for your new single. Plus so much more.

We believe that artists shouldn't have to struggle to pay for the things that will help develop your career. Our affordable packages will make your progression easier and won't break the bank.

Music is a passion for our team. We all have experience of playing and performing music - it's in our blood.

We believe in making lives for musicians simpler

The life of a musician is a tricky one. If you're serious about your music, you probably want a Music Video, Professional Photos, Studio Recordings, a good Social Media following, a Website and on top of all this you want to be performing to as many people as possible.That's a lot of work to take on!

  • Gigging is the essence of being a musician - it's what we live for. Design a Gig have been holding gigs in Manchester and beyond for the past 3 years. We put the control in your hands - you tell us what gig you want, and we'll make sure that's the kind of gig you play.

  • Pulling together a press pack is tough, decent photos of you and your band can be the difference between people taking you seriously or not. Video is just as important. We live in a world where listening is just not enough, a visual accompaniment to your music could pull in a whole new audience.

  • If an artist ever hopes to get their music on the radio, it's essential to have good quality studio recordings - otherwise your music will simply get ignored. Whether it's a single, EP or a full album, we're able to work to your needs.

  • Everything is online now, it's how the majority of new music is discovered. It's vital for any artist wanting a career in music to have a strong online presence. We have a dedicated team of people to help you grow your online presence, build you a website and make sure you maximise the potential of the global audience you have available to you.

Media is incredibly important to musicians today. We have a team of specialists who will help you with producing quality videos, photos, web content and branding.

Got something you'd like to talk to us about? Send us a message and we'll get in touch!