Making your Music Matter


Here at Design a Gig we know how difficult it is for bands trying their best to get ahead in the industry - we want to make that journey as easy as possible.
We’ve developed an affordable one-stop-shop system to make what can sometimes seem like an unachievable target, within your grasp in just a few clicks. Why over-spend and over-complicate when everything you need to get your music heard can be found in one place?

Tying that alongside our connections with national & local radio stations, as well as press, promoters & venues across the country, we have the tools and the contacts that you need.

Music is a passion for our team. We all have experience of playing and performing music - it's in our blood.

Media is incredibly important to musicians today. We have a team of specialists who will help you with producing quality videos, photos, web content and branding.

Got something you'd like to talk to us about? Send us a message and we'll get in touch!