Almost Autumn-6am (Review)

Following on from her previous appearances on past Design a Gig reviews, Almost Autumn has returned from her extensive social media work with her latest single 6am

Almost Autumn introduces you with a raw spacious synth and jittery vocal cuts to immerse you into the space that is her contrasting mind. From here, Autumns signature expressive voice makes it’s presence known in all it’s breathy angsty glory, as she turns back the clock to a conflicting one night stand. While she sings his praises over their drive of shame, a moody beat of sharp rimshots, vibey guitar and a thick but simple bassline bring the attention firmly on Autumn’s melodious vocal talents.

Autumn showcases hints of lyrical brilliance, with effortless couplets like “You’re in and out of my DM’s, like I’m in and out of common sense” that showcase her moral conflict over the man in question.

The occasional drop in of synths and vocal samples help Autumn distance herself from the Taylor Swift style accompaniment of previous single ‘Feathers’, and lend itself to a more current Clean Bandit flavour. The last bridge is phasey and submerged in a transcendent Melodyne meander while interspersing the bleak moral of “Don’t expect much from me” to leave you picking up the pieces from her romantic struggle.

“6am” shows Almost Autumn developing with a mild diversion of musical direction, while still maintaining her distinctive aural qualities by effectively conveying her sad story. I would have preferred a more engaging arrangement but I like the direction she is heading. 7.5/10

You can listen to 6am here:


Marc Gallagher