Almost Autumn-Feathers (Review)


Having known Almost Autumn from her time in the Liverpool music scene and her popular Instagram profile, I am delighted to deliver my take on her latest single Feathers, with it’s pillow-soft arrangement.

Autumn’s trademark angsty, expressive voice instantly makes itself known as she flirts with the listener with ‘the moment heavenly, just like your face’. The biting acoustic guitar plays a chord progression in the style of Taylor Swift, but the attitude of the vocal delivery is similar to teen-pop bands like All Time Low.

The synth leads in the chorus aid the movement of the song, and the backing vocals present some on-point harmonies and Little Mix-esque ahhs.

Autumn surprises me with an extended rap section in the Middle 8, with some tasty lyrics like “I’ll be crying oceans, going through the motions” peppered in.

Production-wise it leaves a bit to be desired, with some elements not gelling well together and the vocals sounding very sibilant and breathy. It would be interesting to see how this song turned out with a major label production behind it, as this uber-poppy banger is worthy of Top 40 company.

Feathers is a dance pop escape of romantic hysteria, with expressive vocals and some thoughtful lyrics among the traditional love song tropes, and with a slight reworking would not feel out of place in a UK Top 10        6.5/10

You can listen to Feathers here


Marc Gallagher