Art Block-I Know You Won’t Tell a Soul (Review)


Art Block has already graced us with his presence from this glowing review, so when he alerted me that he had another single out, I was eager to give it a listen:

Contrasting from Eliza’s piano, this song opens with a gentle but rich acoustic guitar strumming. Block’s voice is a little rawer here, utilising a lower register that is firmer than his outing with Eliza. Art maintains the thick ambiance to escalate the production, and the string section lift the choruses beautifully.

With the use of a compound metre, IKYWTAS has a romcom swing to it, punctuated by the desperation in Block’s straining voice. In comparison to his previous single, the hook in this song isn’t as strong, but it tells a more detailed story of loss and heartache and ‘watching her dancing’. With all the apparent grief in Block’s love life, I kind of want to introduce him to Tinder…

For the stripped production, Block has arranged this song in majestic fashion. He has created another emotional longing for a lover, but for me this fails to connect as much as his previous music. 7/10


You can listen to I Know You Won’t Tell a Soul here:

Marc Gallagher