Bastette-Faultline (Review)

I have been previously acquainted with Caroline Eve over the last few years of working with her on various gigs in Manchester. She boasts a confident rock-chick voice in tandem with solid pianism, and she’s hoping that her latest rebranding as Bastette will help her realise her full artistic potential with the single Faultine:

The song begins with the delicate slow tremolo of a rich, spacious guitar, as Bastette gently ‘tells you a story’. She exercises great light and shade with her dynamic range, and her glissandos just flirt with your ears like goosebump-raising whispers. This cheeky flirtation compliments the backdrop of her naked narrative lyrics that paint a dark picture of a toxic relationship.

The chorus aptly drives towards you at 100mph, and the horsepower of Bastettes voice is not unlike that of P!nk or Christina Aguilera. Bastette’s self-described “irresistible melodies” are apparent in the engaging hooks that are aided by the rhythmically strong arrangement, although personally I’m not being moved despite everything working on paper.

Bastette’s charisma is also exercised in a dynamic music video that carries the dark motifs of seduction and manipulation, and it really needs some more attention.

Faultline is our first look at Bastette in her unfiltered spirit. This debut single showcases a powerful voice, chartable songwriting finesse and a promising look at what should be a flourishing music career. 7/10

You can listen to Faultline here:

Marc Gallagher