April 18, 2017


I met Miles at Flour & Flagon’s Open Mic, and I was impressed by his presentation and songwriting. Here I take a look at his new album: Listeners are initially greeted with a plodding fingerpicked acoustic guitar, before the sibilant voice of Knoop invites you to ‘brush your shining hair
It is something that irritates me no end with musicians in general, the issue of keeping to time in concerts. This year I engineered at a festival in Huddersfield, with each artist allocated a 20 minute set with a 5 minute changeover. The stressful downside was that out of 7
The season of Yuletide is notable for many things; the birth of Jesus, the exchanging of presents, and people pretending to like mulled wine. Since living in Manchester it is increasingly apparent how indelible the impact of Christmas is on this great city, with the Markets filling the streets with
Photo © Marc Gallagher The Strays are a punk duo I first acquainted myself with at Fab Cafe, and they lent me a CD to write about. A dirty drum machine and gritty guitar opens ‘Johnny Mnemonic’, with Georgie’s monotonous vocals pacing through the verses and the powerful titular hook. “Don’t
I first came across a shy Little Strings in this year’s Ukulele Festival of Scotland on their Rising Stars stage. Fast-forward 6 months and the female singer-songwriter and I were reunited during her featured artist slot at a Manchester Open Mic, and after a confident performance I was gifted a
The Pitsmoor Ladies Ukulele Chorale (PLUC, tee hee) are a duopoly of slightly older ukulele players with a repertoire of classic songs from the last 5 decades. After seeing their splendid performance at Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, I took one of their CDs for review, and was charmed at the
I first came across Reverend Jim for his winning performance in Ukulele Festival of Scotland’s Rising Stars Competition, where he showcased his songwriting craft. After seeing the real-life teddy bear at GNUF, he gifted me an album to review: The highlight on this album is the songwriting, with many of
Manchester-based music company Design a Gig have launched their unique membership scheme. It’s a new and cost-effective way for musicians to advance their careers that offers vital support in all aspects of the music industry. Design a Gig is a specialist agency whose aim is to provide access to the
Zacq & Mari are a ukulele-pop duo who seek to combine the musical styles and nuances of their respective nationalities-Germany and Singapore. With such a unique pairing, this makes for an interesting clash of styles: Instantly we are introduced to pretty fingerpicking over a dancing bassline. The subtle percussion and
I first met Carol Hodge at an Ashton Open Mic Night and it was her songwriting and voice that truly captivated me. Now that a couple of years have passed, it is a pleasure to receive her new album to review: The opening ‘Stop The World In It’s Tracks’ surprises