April 18, 2017


I was at an open mic recently, and something happened which really pissed me off. I’m not going to say where or who was there, but I left shortly after joining because it got to that late-night, jam-based portion of the evening. Fuelled by alcohol and vanity, a very small
  The Trashmen’s “Surfin Bird” prodded me awake at 6am. I aimed to get an early night of 10pm, so naturally I couldn’t sleep until at least 1. I got up, took a short shower and packed my essential food and outfit for the travels. What followed was a 4
    Christian Smith is a blues-pop musician from Cambridge who I met during his UK Tour a couple of years ago. After the success of his previous album ‘Midnight Calls’ including playing on the European Festival circuit, he is back with his latest single ‘Bones’. The song starts off gently,
  Matt Pless is an acoustic folk punk artist from Baltimore, USA, wearing his left-wing badge with pride as he pins the same sentiment in his lyrics. In 2016 I stumbled on this video through a combination of chance and mutual acquaintances, and it brings me great joy to write
Caroline Francess is a Sheffield-based songwriter and pianist, debuting her latest musical outfit with this live session recounting a one-sided one night stand. The sonic atmosphere created is haunting; an adjective I have often used to describe Caroline’s music. She plays with such delicacy that you can feel the pain
If you are a musician (and if you’re not then why are you here?), you’ll have likely had a few long car journeys to and from gigs. It’s accepted as just a tough part of the music business but it can lead to you seeing new parts of the country,
We want to make sure that Design a Gig is providing the best possible service to Manchester’s musicians, so we really appreciate any time you could give us to answer these simple questions. As a way of thanks, we’ll give you 15 Design a Gig Reward Points – make sure
Since 1997, the most exciting night for British music has been the Brits, and 2018 is set to be no different. At Design a Gig, we’re taking a look at the lucky stars who may win some of the nights most prestigious awards. British music is thriving more than ever.
So, who exactly are Design a Gig? It’s so easy to get caught up in social media posts and pictures, but do you really know who Design a Gig are? Well, put simply, we’re just like you - a bunch of music loving, music playing, and music appreciating people.  Although
How do you know someone really loves you? They send you bands to listen to obvs.  I recently became friends with a group of people, who I believe saw into my soul, and decided it needed some heavier music (to which they were correct) so off we went to see