April 18, 2017


This article is about an EP I did some work on with a good friend of mine. It isn’t a review per se, as I can’t be impartial on this one, and would like to preserve my journalistic integrity and credibility, but it’s a lovely piece of work that Laura
  Conor Thackray is an acoustic metal-style artist I have been acquainted with since my formative Cheshire years. Here he delivers a selection of songs from his home studio, and thematically he hits close to home as well. The opening ‘Beside The Point Entirely’ begins with a thin twangy DI-ed
I first came across AndyDan when engineering for him at Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, where he premiered his much-anticipated album. Using a hexaphonic pickup to enable synth-triggering possibilities, Andy delivers a concept album about Mt Everest: Starting the album with ambient wind noises, synth pads and narration, Andy paints a
I mentioned in this post that Hives recent transformation from the Retro Bar has brought a lot of potential to Manchester’s music scene, and today I caught up with its host, Lucas Kane. MG: So Lucas, I believe your Open Mic at Hive has been going for a month or
Dog Coffee is a somewhat veteran of the Manchester Music Scene, writing candidly about his own life and experiences. Now tearing it up in Sheffield, he only makes fleeting appearances in Manchester, so it is lovely to have this self-titled EP to remind me of him. Coffee opens his musical
  Having known Almost Autumn from her time in the Liverpool music scene and her popular Instagram profile, I am delighted to deliver my take on her latest single Feathers, with it’s pillow-soft arrangement. Autumn’s trademark angsty, expressive voice instantly makes itself known as she flirts with the listener with