April 18, 2017


As part of my travels I spent a month in Berlin, and was truly astonished by how large and varied it’s music scene is. Websites like The Berliner Sessions highlight Jam Nights and Open Mics happening every single day in a scene which quite frankly dwarfs that of Manchester. Packed
I first met Izzy B back in the Ukulele Festival of Scotland, and I consider her a truly underrated songwriter with a voice of raw power. The New Romney native impressed with her debut album Growing Pains, and after an agonizing 18 month wait, the delays were finally worth it.
I have been previously acquainted with Caroline Eve over the last few years of working with her on various gigs in Manchester. She boasts a confident rock-chick voice in tandem with solid pianism, and she’s hoping that her latest rebranding as Bastette will help her realise her full artistic potential
Controversial, I know. But bear with me to read this – it will at least fill another 5 minutes worth of excuses for procrastinating from the very writing you ‘should be doing right now,’ (songwriters I’m looking at you) – whether you agree with me or not.   The idea
In almost every case aspiring musicians like you and I take influence from big names in the industry, and wish to one day reach their lofty heights. More often than not though there isn’t enough demand for the overwhelming supply of music, leaving some feeling like a failure. Which leads
This 5-piece Manchester band are looking to make a strong impact on Oasis-land’s rich musical tapestry. When they aren’t seen “trying to look cool on sofas that are outside”, they are hoping to make a strong impression with their debut single: The opening phrases gives a moody clean guitar supported