April 18, 2017


From the edge of the Nevada desert, Sam Valdez is rising like the L.A. sun with her insatiable Americana indie folk blend, with this further illustrated in her latest single Farther Away. Instantly opening with an ethereal arrangement, Valdez’s river of spatial guitars and ambience melt the mind of the
Galloping through the Manchester music scene, Crying Beauty Queens seek to cherry-pick the best elements from Alt J, Foals and other artists to create a unique fusion of styles. The indie duo seeks to achieve this with their debut single Taking Over. Starting with a warbling clean electric guitar, the
I’ve interviewed Lucas Kane in the past talking about his open mic at Hive, but this week we talk pastures new with a brand new open mic night on Manchester’s circuit! MG: So Lucas, with your new open mic night on the way, I must ask what happened to your
I first met Duncan Reed while engineering for his Penwortham Live performance, where he cut his strumming hand due to playing so hard! The Lancashire folk singer gifted me his intimately-produced album for review: The opening track ‘The Tides’ sets a mystic and dark tone with the use of fiddle
Image credit Key Signs ​ I must preface such a discussion with this: I love open mic nights and I definitely wouldn’t be the same musician if they weren’t around, especially in the Manchester scene which has more nights than any other town. I even wrote a blog post detailing
I was introduced to The Milk Men from a Lighting job in Nantwich, and I was immediately drawn in to their energy and slick presentation. A couple of months later at the Nantwich Jazz, Blues & Music Festival I bought their first album Full Phat to support the funky faction:
Prince had a career of around 35 years before his passing, can you see Justin Bieber lasting that long? Whenever I enter into a conversation of ‘old music vs new music’, one observation I can’t help but notice is the difference in career lifespan. Take a look at music of
I first met Emma Mould at Crafty Pig’s Open Mic Night. She came across as apprehensive, and as Northern as a pasty until she started playing. Impressed by her strong voice and open tunings, I was delighted to receive a CD to review. For the CD itself, it is put
Following on from my previous Molina review, today I take a look at his most recent album from 2017. In this album the ukulele marvel has had a further 3 years of advancement and influence from Hawaiian greats like Jake Shimabukuro, Aldrine Guerrero and Craig Chee, and this album aims
Picture Credit ActiveBeat It is something that I see all too often in today’s music climate, and that is musicians who don’t look after their own hearing at gigs. Despite the full knowledge that they only have one set of ears, and the understanding that it is these ears that