April 18, 2017


  It’s a situation I feel that many of us musicians have been in; you’re onstage giving it your all, and some drunkard yells from the back of the room “you’re shit”. The following should help you out next time 1- Wit Stand up comedians are faced with hecklers on
For those uninitiated, Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel are legends of the ukulele scene. The husband and wife tandem based in California have an incredible worldwide reputation for their traditional and jazz music, and it was my pleasure to meet them and see their headline performance at Ukulele Festival of
Nick Ball’s Incorrect Following made it’s impression on one of my earlier reviews on Design a Gig. After a year of grafting on Manchester’s music scene through BIMM, he is now back with a brand new single: Pulling no punches, the syncopated intro attacks you with a powerful snare drum
LYZA has been somewhat integral to the Manchester acoustic scene these past few years. Her golden voice and pain-laced songwriting is warmly received in some of the Rainy City’s most famous acoustic nights, and her omnipresence brings a warm familiarity to the circuit. It is with the recent release of
The year is 2019, and at the turn of the year you have resolved to busk more in a bid to make that sweet dollar. If you are following my social media, you will know that I am currently travelling through Germany and other parts of Europe and am funding
Following on from her previous appearances on past Design a Gig reviews, Almost Autumn has returned from her extensive social media work with her latest single 6am Almost Autumn introduces you with a raw spacious synth and jittery vocal cuts to immerse you into the space that is her contrasting
Hatching from a jam session for the hell of it, Sparrowhawk have since emerged into a promising fledgling Blues Rock group, reaching out to me for their very first review of their debut single: It instantly kicks off with a powerful chorus of “Don’t sing no songs to me, I’ve
Mandy Capristo is a singer with a unique tone of voice. At the age of 11 a little girl stepped on a big stage and vowed the contest judges with her incredible vocals and charisma. The Kiddy Context talent show was Mandy’s first experience and first “ first place “
This week saw the release of statistics that show that sales of CD's dropped by 23% last year - down to 32 million from 41 million in 2017. To put that into perspective, less than half the population bought at least 1 CD in 2018. This news comes just days
  When October commenced and the early Halloween memes had filled the internet, I had just reached 900 likes on my Facebook Page. I set myself a goal to get to 1000 likes by the end of the year. I would grow 1 fan each day and reach 4 figures