April 18, 2017


FIRST OF ALL, Marmozets are bloody brilliant. I had the absolute pleasure of being able to check out their London show at Highbury and Islington's, The Garage. A venue that could almost visually represent The Upside Down.  Marmozets might be a band you haven't come across yet, and if that's
Fine Artists, Alexandra Linfoot, Helena Collins and Jamie Shaw hosted an amazing opening evening for their newest collaborative exhibition, Written On The Skin at Islington Arts Factory.  True to Londoner's nature the trio transformed the old worldly church into a crisp white modern space with incredible art wherever you looked.
“Room One” is a project consisting of six unique individuals that came together to create music. Every member adds a distinct flavour to the band and it’s art. What separates them from others is the fact that the singers sing only  a cappella. Without the instrumental accompaniment the listeners the
We’re very excited to introduce you to Design a Gig Rewards – a way for bands to have develop their careers without it costing them one single penny. Let’s get this question out of the way straight away, why are we launching this? We simply want to reward artists that
This video has been out since August however, with the release of their new album, for some unknown reason I’ve only just come across it.  I’m going to dive straight into this blog post because I’ve listened to this song NON STOP since I first heard it a week ago.
October is here, it’s the start of a new school year and many of us will be venturing into the world of internships. In my years I have done three internships, the first one was for a bespoke jewellery company, second was at Universal Records (whilst writing my dissertation might