April 18, 2017


In almost every case aspiring musicians like you and I take influence from big names in the industry, and wish to one day reach their lofty heights. More often than not though there isn’t enough demand for the overwhelming supply of music, leaving some feeling like a failure. Which leads
This 5-piece Manchester band are looking to make a strong impact on Oasis-land’s rich musical tapestry. When they aren’t seen “trying to look cool on sofas that are outside”, they are hoping to make a strong impression with their debut single: The opening phrases gives a moody clean guitar supported
    As you’re probably aware, a few months ago I did something relatively bold. I’m spending my first few months of 2019 travelling through Germany (with visits to Czech Republic and Austria) in a bid to broaden my musical horizons, do new things, and work on my language skills.
London songwriter Mark Mathews has quite the habit of releasing singles. From his #newmusiceverymonth project in 2017 he put out something new each month, which is most admirable, and a testament to all the hard work and praise he as assimilated over the last few years. Here’s hoping that his
Ever since I started learning music I had aspired to play with others. After learning piano at aged 12, I had deciphered the four main components of a band-vocals, guitar, bass and drums, and I proceeded to start learning these with the hope to one day join a band. Attending
London Indie Pop band The Stay Club are hoping to make waves among the sea of artists in our nation’s capital. While swimming against the tide they have brought out their debut single “Lighthouse” The moody but moving intro fills you with a head-bobbing swagger before it develops into something