Rime Suspex – Cards (Single Review)

Written by Aidan McCarron

Despite how long they’ve been around, Rime Suspex always seem to provide the scene with a fresh-faced, versatile approach to their own unique fusion of RnB, Hip Hop and Pop.

Their latest single, ‘Cards’ released on 20th May, is a showcase of heartfelt lyrics, diverse vocal rhythms and a laidback, yet fierce approach, with the clean electric guitars, teaming up with the rhythm section to provide a bop thats impossible not to move to.

The gorgeous hook sung by vocalist Miranda, is a catchy, summer-inspired vibe that sits beautifully on top of the chilled out backing track. A hugely solid effort with an awesome vocal hook. The only thing missing for me? In order to truly appreciate the flow, I could’ve done with an extra verse of rapping or something to satisfy my need for more of Bobby’s adaptable flow.

An otherwise exceptional track showcasing everything Rime Suspex has to offer, and if the only negative thing I can say, is that I wanted more, then that really says something…

Rating: 8/10

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Rime Suspex are: Bobby Dukz, Miranda Myles

Check out the single ‘Cards’ and other tracks below: