Conor Thackray- When I Run Away EP(Review)


Conor Thackray is an acoustic metal-style artist I have been acquainted with since my formative Cheshire years. Here he delivers a selection of songs from his home studio, and thematically he hits close to home as well.

The opening ‘Beside The Point Entirely’ begins with a thin twangy DI-ed acoustic guitar, before Thackray sings meekly with the powerful lyric ‘All my answers feed my cancers’, in a very well-phrased chorus. Singing about a breakup, Thackray defies the Delilah that once consumed him.

‘Exceptions’ is a little grittier with a more energetic pace, echoing the lyric ‘I have a darker side to run from’ in reference to his promotion of positive mental health. His tonality keeps hold of engaging chord extensions underneath his wavering melodies. The chorus is simply motivational, and a full-band production could help this song speak to a lot of people.

The closing ‘If I Choose To Stay’ is mellower, as Thackray battles his inner demons to promote a greater self image through an expressive performance, bring the EP to a solemn conclusion.

When I Run Away has basic production, but some excellent songs. With a band behind some frankly important lyrics and emotive vocal delivery, this EP could help carry listeners through difficult times. 6/10

You can listen to When I Run Away here

Marc Gallagher