Crying Beauty Queens-After The Fire (Review)


I’ve reviewed Crying Beauty Queens before on this site, and after their latest release, I thought I’d give it a little listen:

A clean and vibrant electric guitar opens the song built on a foundation of snappy drums and a gritty bassline. Jordan Price’s warbling vocals effortlessly wade through meandering melodies in a manner that comes across as elegant and natural. While lyrically it isn’t revolutionary, the pulsing synth parts push the momentum forward which translates into an infectious head-bobbing, and the arrangement brilliantly captures the light and shade of this song.

The chorus is incredibly catchy with the titular hook that invites you to sing alongside. I can foresee small venue audiences shouting in unison abreast the indie pop duo. The backing aahs and woahs help lift the chorus but I would have liked to hear some harmonies on the lead vocal melody to just add that final spice.

The middle 8 gives a change of pace helping Jordan’s battlecry soar among the keening oohs whilst also allowing drummer Paddy to build tom-based tension. This all builds up into a cathartic-but-chaotic chorus which sees some timing inconsistencies before its eventual rallentando conclusion.

“After the Fire” is a massive improvement compared to “Taking Over”. With a thicker sound, a powerful hook, and an astute arrangement, this could capably lead an album to chart success. 8/10

You can listen to After the Fire here:

Marc Gallagher