Crying Beauty Queens-Taking Over (Review)

Galloping through the Manchester music scene, Crying Beauty Queens seek to cherry-pick the best elements from Alt J, Foals and other artists to create a unique fusion of styles. The indie duo seeks to achieve this with their debut single Taking Over.

Starting with a warbling clean electric guitar, the dissonance of its lack of tuning implies a tired, worn out protagonist. This is highlighted by the moody, Ellie Goulding-like vocals of Jordan Price that lament over an old flame that isn’t fully extinguished.

As the chorus kicks in, we are greeted with tom-heavy drums that support the Jordan’s delicate upper register and spooky backing vocals. The harmonies on the second verse in particular bring an airy aura which contrasts to the impact of the choruses.

The song develops further with a flangey guitar that disorientates you and Price’s vocals that challenge it’s own range in a fit of passion. As the coda concludes you feel a sense of loss, not unlike the protagonist, and this is reflected in their well-performed narrative music video.

Taking Over gives an independent but adventurous sound that acknowledges its limitations but creatively broadens its soundscape, telling a common story in a spooky and engaging manner. 7/10

You can listen to Taking Over here

Marc Gallagher