Julia Rose – Don’t Be Shy (Single Review)

Written by Aidan McCarron

An up and coming singer-songwriter, hailing from Fife, Julia Rose has the potential for great things. Her debut single ‘Don’t Be Shy’ was released on all major platforms on 12th June and is an upbeat pop hit with an edge.

Recorded at Gracenote Studios, Julia has released a fun, good feel single and if you’re not already obsessed from the head-bopping vibe, hugely provided by the rhythm section then the track has a super catchy refrain with the first line of the chorus “You don’t have to be so shy around me” drawing us into the infectious joy of the track.

Julia’s amazingly distinct voice gives the track it’s edgy atmosphere and the bridge provides a great variation to the rest of the track. If you look back at many up and coming musicians, a particular trend tends to be that their first single isn’t always an ideal representation of what they are, but from this single I can certainly tell that Julia is already in a great position for future releases. A solid, yet exciting debut single…

Rating: 7.5/10

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