Freeda – Wash (Single Review)

Freeda are a band long admired by us here at Design a Gig and their energetic indie anthems are quickly becoming a permanent fixture in the vibrant sound of Manchester music.

Their latest single ‘Wash`, released on 1st November, is an electrifying blend of big choruses, dreamy guitar lines and a compelling narrative that can only be described as a thrilling incite into the minds of two people discovering that ‘moving on’ is the best solution. The track begins with an atmospheric, “calm before the storm” introduction of synth-assisted guitar chords with an initial four line vocal phrase.

Everything officially kicks in with the all familiar, big chorus that we’ve all come to express such admiration for with Freeda’s music. “Now what you gonna say when it all, comes out in the wash” is the line that emerges the most from the chorus, and continues to do so through the remainder of the track. Big drum beats and driving bass guitar rhythms provide an excellent foundation for the interweaving melodies of the electric guitars with Sean Rowles’ top-shelf vocals.

If you’re looking for an upbeat indie tune that provokes thought, as well as an intense desire to feel inspired, then ‘Wash’ is easily what you need. An exciting progression in Freeda’s journey to where they truly deserve to be…

Rating: 8/10

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Freeda are: Sean Rowles – Lead Vocals, Callum Hignett – Lead Guitar, Cameron Meekums-Spence – Rhythm Guitar, Adam Barton – Bass and Adam Jackson – Drums

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