Friday Mic in Love-An Interview with Lucas Kane

I’ve interviewed Lucas Kane in the past talking about his open mic at Hive, but this week we talk pastures new with a brand new open mic night on Manchester’s circuit!

MG: So Lucas, with your new open mic night on the way, I must ask what happened to your old one at Hive? That seemed like a really good night

LK: I’ll be honest, there was a lot going on behind the scenes. The truth is I’d been offered a better deal that benefited the musicians more and I wanted to turn my focus onto the new event. Hive was a beautiful venue and I’ll always look back on the amazing memories we made there, the problem was it had only recently opened and was still trying to find its feet. The new venue Lock 91 has more experience with running events and with the new night being on a Friday I can reassure the musicians they’ll have a decent crowd to perform to each week.

MG: I greatly enjoyed Hive too, I’m sorry that there was trouble behind the scenes. I think it’s a bold move going for an open mic on a Friday. Traditionally they happen every other day of the week as musicians mostly gig on weekends! Do you think enough musicians will be available on Fridays?!

LK: I agree it’s bold. And that’s why i think it’ll stand out. To me Friday Mic Live is experiment to see if we can take all the exceptional musicians that perform at open mics through out the week and put them in the limelight. The main reason Open Mics don’t usually take place on a Friday is because no smaller venue needs the boost on a weekend. This is why I think Lock 91 is the right venue, because they don’t see the musicians as a way to boost mid week sales, they see them as the rockstars they are and want to show they off on one of their busiest nights. I don’t think we’ll struggle to attract musicians, the reception to the idea has been great. Many musicians have told me they’re thankful to finally have an Open Mic on a Friday and it gives a chance to people who work through out the week to try an Open Mic.

MG: One thing I really appreciated about Hive was the £20 prize draw! Will these kinds of perks carry over into FML?
LK: As a lot of people know, the incentives for musicians is something that is very important to me. Luckily myself, Lock 91 and Jack Daniels have been working together and discussing the best possible rewards we can offer to the exceptional musicians that’ll come through each week. Yes! There will still be £20 up for grabs each week from a raffle, including a free drink of choice for each performer and lots of Jack Daniels goodies! As well as all this, Lock 91 often host wedding receptions through out the year and Christmas do’s. So they have agreed to invite anyone that is planning on booking a musician to FML, which will hopefully open even more doors! A lot of people have supported me over the past few months and it’s time for me to give back with the best possible night i can provide. Together I hope we can make Friday Mic Live the biggest unsigned live music event in Manchester and I know I have the most talented music scene in the world to help me do that!

MG: I look forward to paying a visit if I get chance! I haven’t heard of Lock 91, is it easy to find?

LK: Lock 91 is at the end of the Deansgate strip right by the popular clubs. I’m hoping FML will become a fun place for people to start their nights before they hit the town, as well as a worthy alternative for Manchester’s NightLife. For anyone thinking of coming down the address is: 9 Century St, Manchester M3 4QL

MG: Fantastic! I hope the night goes really well for you and the rest of Manchester’s music scene

Marc Gallagher