From LIPA To Lustre-An Interview With Almost Autumn

I’ve known Almost Autumn for a while now, and even reviewed her single here, so today I thought I’d catch up with her and see what’s been happening as of late:

MG:I believe you’re finishing up your time at LIPA, what’s it been like there the past 3 years?

AA:It’s been fun! Met some ace people. Got some good ideas. Learnt to produce a bit!

MG: That’s cool, I’ve noticed how your production has evolved over the course of your singles, has LIPA shaped your songwriting style, or did it progress organically?

AA: Organically I think I sound quite different to most artists that come from LIPA. I’m a lot more commercial pop aha

MG: I notice that a lot, particularly in Feathers, what are your biggest influences as a songwriter?

AA: I listen to lots of pop punk and lots of pop and also dance music ? but I love folk too and would say that’s influenced me a lot. Guys like Nevershoutnever, Bring Me The Horizon, The 1975 are probably my top three!

MG: I can definitely see the Nevershoutnever influences in your music! Now that you’re finishing up with uni, what are your future plans?

AA: Make lots of records and play lots of gigs and have lots of fun! Haha

MG: Sounds like a plan, anything coming up that you can tell us about?

AA: Just gonna upload lots more songs ? all very different sounding to each other ! Gonna start playing live a lot more now and I have a band now too so they’ll be making appearances.

MG: Sounds fantastic, where can we find your upcoming gigs?

AA: My next one’s at Studio 2 on Parr Street on the 3rd June. I mention them online don’t have a gig listing though you’ve just gotta pay good attention to my posts or just ask me directly haha!

MG: I love Studio 2, hope plenty of people can check it out, thanks for chatting today.

You can keep up to date with Almost Autumn here

Marc Gallagher