michael webster – Ibis Hotel / Collision Course (Single Review)

By Aidan McCarron

What do you get if you combine the authentic, story-telling characteristics of folk with the gritty, attitude of grunge? Well it appears you get michael webster… An alternative folk singer-songwriter who comes from the North-West of England and creates relatable songs based on real life topics.

His latest release on 15th June, ‘Ibis Hotel / Collision Course’ is a 2 sided released. The A-side being michael’s own composition ‘Ibis Hotel’ inspired by a friend of his who is sadly ill and the b-side ‘Collision Course’ which is a cover of a song by Toria Wooff another North West based songwriter. Both artists have been raising funds for their friends illness so she is able to live her fullest life possible.

‘Ibis Hotel’ is a gritty, atmospheric track that portrays a convincing feeling of what it’s like living through a personal crisis and all of the thoughts and reactions one may go through at a time like that. michael’s regional accent is extremely prominent throughout, giving an authentic feel to the track whilst the mix still provides the listener with the necessary depth in texture to create an immersive experience. All elements of the track blend well to create the desired atmosphere and the gritty guitar lines help to convey an artistic mood that echos the realness of the track.

After listening to the original version of ‘Collision Course’ by Toria Wooff, it’s clear that michael webster has done a great iteration, keeping the charming qualities of the track whilst putting his individual spin on it. It provides many of the desired qualities that ‘Ibis Hotel’ provides which really works to create a brilliantly distinct piece of music.

‘Ibis Hotel / Collision Course’ is a necessary listen for anyone wanting something real to experience. An absolute must for you if you want to expand your North West music collection.

Rating: 8/10

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