Is your brand important?

If you want to be the ‘next big thing’, you may think to focus on making your music the best it can be. BUT, I’m sorry to tell you but it is not all about the music. One of the most important parts of building a career in the music industry is building your brand.

Branding is a most associated with business, but people ignore it in the music industry. However the music industry is a business sector. To become successful you must first determine how you deem success. I am sure to the majority of musicians and artist that success means being able to do what you love as a full time job, and to do this you need money.


Money runs our lives, whether it’s telling you that you can buy that new guitar or telling you that you can’t quit your job because your music doesn’t cover your outgoings. When you look at the money side of music, you have to look at things strategically, whilst being business focused. When you look at outgoings verses income, your mind changes how you perceive your input into the industry as a business. To be successful businesses NEED a brand!


Building Your Brand

Branding is just a fancy way of saying you are sharing your story, or showing the world who you are. Building a brand can be for your band or even just yourself as an artist or musician. There are many things to consider regarding your brand, however to get started simply ask yourself these 3 questions.


How do I want my audience to perceive me?

In the world of fake people, audiences want REAL people. What the audience wants, the audience gets! Show yourself off in the right way. Show them you are relatable, passionate, friendly and down to earth. You need to remember that the audiences you are reaching out to can become fans, and fans equal money.


Who is my audience?

Yes you will want to be inclusive of everyone, and share your music with the world but you need a plan. Who is your target demographic? Who will buy and listen to your music? Think of one of the best marketed artists in the world, One Direction. It doesn’t matter how you feel about them and their music, because their marketing team was one of the best in the world. Therefore, their team knew that your average 40 year old man would be less likely to want to listen to them, on the other hand they knew his daughter might. They targeted the younger generation who can turn from audience to fans very easily. Learn who your audience are, and how you can reach out to them.


Am I being consistent?

There is not point in having a logo drawn in Microsoft Paint, blurry photographs from your iPhone 6s to start your band off. Show constancy and build your brands image to be consistent across all platforms. Have a professional work with you on your logo and publicity materials. As a result this can acheive a professional looking brand, but this needs to be rolled out across all of your chosen platforms to show consistency. One simple approach on instagram is to have similar personal profile usernames. For example, if my band name was ‘Pure’ my instagram could be @purejake. However, if you are a session drummer you could be @jakedrums. Think about consistency and how it can benefit you the most.

Things To Remember

Always be yourself, and think and plan out your brand. Preparation is key. If you are already in the music industry, it is never to late to form your brand!


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Written by Jake Marshall

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