KingFast – Avenge (Single Review)

Written by Aidan McCarron

If you’ve ever seen KingFast live then you’ll know just how great it is to watch him build his tracks right before your eyes. The process he goes through to create pieces of music with great depth and texture before laying his beautifully, soulful vocals on top is wonderful.

His latest single, ‘Avenge’, released this time last week, begins with a gorgeous vocal intro before kicking in with a laid-back drumbeat providing a solid, yet exciting rhythmic foundation to the track. The backing vocal harmonies throughout, are done in a way that re-enforces the great depth whilst giving the piece an even more rhythmic edge. KingFast’s lyrics in the track are authentic and admirable, and really allow you to envisage a different perspective of the song, when you really delve into the narrative of it all.

The lead vocals are passionate and expressive whilst still portraying an interesting and versatile melody. All aspects of the track come together at different parts to create an overall greater experience for the listener. The bridge is a stripped back vocal and guitar section with an alternate melody and overall vibe, which helps to provide a different view and idea of variation within KingFast’s songwriting.

A must-listen if you want to give yourself a bit of an education whilst listening to a top-shelf piece of music.

Rating: 8/10

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