April 23, 2017

Social Media

The importance of social media to a musician cannot be emphasised enough. A good social media following can be the difference between a band making it or just drifting out to obscurity.

Our team are experienced when it comes to building audience and creating content for social media – here’s some proof.

A post of note is from our time working on the radio station XS Manchester (formerly known as Rock Radio and Real Radio XS). We used our knowledge of the stations target audience to produce content that would provoke a reaction.

One Direction v Rolling Stones

The first post was made following the announcement of One Direction taking a hiatus. The stations listeners and users are passionate about rock music, and love to take the opportunity to mock the artists of today and champion the music they love. The image was branded to ensure people knew and could instantly recognise where the image came from.

It has been seen by nearly 6m people and generated a huge conversation in the comments tab – the definition of social media!

Beard v Non Beard

A few months later we broke the record we previously set for the stations social media with this post. Simply sharing relevant content to our audience – again, recognising how our audience would respond to it. 17.5 million users have seen this post (at time of writing).

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