My Path To 1000 Facebook Likes


When October commenced and the early Halloween memes had filled the internet, I had just reached 900 likes on my Facebook Page. I set myself a goal to get to 1000 likes by the end of the year. I would grow 1 fan each day and reach 4 figures to see in 2019-a goal I found rather realistic.

By 6th November, little more than a month after I set my target, I cracked 1,000.

This piece is going to detail my own tips at growing your Facebook page by looking at the things that I did that seemed to work. I’m not professing to be a social media expert, but these tips might help.

1) Post consistently

I keep a regular routine with my postings. Those who follow me on Instagram can expect one per day, those on my Facebook expect one per day (with occasional extra posts), and those who subscribe to my YouTube channel get a new video every Wednesday at midday. By maintaining a routine, your fans know what to expect of you and your postings, especially when it’s topically consistent (i.e. posting mainly about your band) and are more likely to keep interest in your page. You don’t have to post everyday, but keeping some form of regularity can aid connection from your fans

2) Cross-Posting

I share my posts into relevant Facebook groups that I am part of, to showcase my content in a target demographic. As a ukulele player, I share a lot of posts in ukulele groups, and can get a lot of traffic from like-minded people. If you’re a Liverpool folk musician you may want to find groups for Liverpool and folk music respectively. I also ensure to caption my posts in groups with something personalised (often a question) to show interaction with my audience instead of just throwing material at them. It is important that occasionally you come across as a person with feelings and not just a brand with content.

3) Interaction

If you want to gain new fans it is important to show that you look after your current fans. Be sure to reply to every comment you get (preferably as the page and not as your personal profile) and try to ask questions to keep the conversation rolling. The more activity going on in a post, the longer it will stay in people’s timelines, and this can generate new likes. Show your reliability by responding to Page messages as soon as possible, and this will keep you in Facebook’s Goodbooks.

4) Inviting people

When crossposting into a group it is common that folks accidentally like the post on my page instead of the photo shared in the group. I regularly look at who is liking my posts and check to see if they have liked the page as well. From this you can invite people who clearly have an interest in your content to support your page in general, and most are happy to oblige. Be sure to also invite all your existing Facebook friends to like your page as well. What I would advice against is getting friends to invite all their friends, as according to SMR Social “I could get you 20,000 likes by tomorrow but none of them would want to listen to your music”. The only instance where I would advise this is if your friends are involved in the same industry and genre, otherwise I’d refrain from it.

Hopefully these tips will help you grow your Facebook following. If you need any further help our social media team can lend you a hand.

Marc Gallagher