Pitsmoor Ladies Ukulele Chorale: Low Expectations Album (Review)

The Pitsmoor Ladies Ukulele Chorale (PLUC, tee hee) are a duopoly of slightly older ukulele players with a repertoire of classic songs from the last 5 decades. After seeing their splendid performance at Grand Northern Ukulele Festival, I took one of their CDs for review, and was charmed at the result.

Low Expectations is a live album from their performance at a social club, and I believe the decision to record live was a fantastic one. Tracks flow seamlessly from one to the other as we are treated to the connecting banter between songs, and you feel immersed in the venue’s ambiance among the audience applause. This kind of music needed to bounce off of its audience to be most effective, and that wouldn’t have translated in a polished studio recording.

PLUC know their act well and they sit firmly in the “two ladies of a certain age playing their little ukulele” sub-genre, and that is a very important sub-genre. While we don’t have any truly virtuosic playing, the package is rather nice. The playing is functional and smooth, and the omnipresent vocal harmonies are brilliantly tight and well-rehearsed. Their well-timed wit is lovely and adds to the performance.

Low Expectations is a nice, pleasant listen from two very capable musicians who know their music well and play to their strengths. The live album aspect can prove difficult in an iPod shuffle, but in isolation the album presents a light accompaniment to an early morning, leaving you feeling a little chirpier. 7/10

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Marc Gallagher