Sparrowhawk-Don’t Sing (Review)

Hatching from a jam session for the hell of it, Sparrowhawk have since emerged into a promising fledgling Blues Rock group, reaching out to me for their very first review of their debut single:

It instantly kicks off with a powerful chorus of “Don’t sing no songs to me, I’ve heard them all before”, before the guitar conducts an orchestra of fist pumping. The verses are well-paced, with the lead guitar filling the vocal gaps in wailing fashion, and the rhythm guitar is solid in it’s pulsing role. For a band so new, their harmony isn’t as paint-by-numbers as you’d expect, creating some intriguing chromatic interest. The drums are ok, but feel a little robotic for my personal tastes, with the snare superabundant in its sizzle.

The chorus is very catchy, and would easily infect an audience of a dirty underground venue, even if the vocals are a little pitchy; I just admire the band for not using pitch correction! The guitar solo is grand in its range and sense of space, swimming strongly among the sea of vocal hooks before a semi-cathartic conclusion.

Don’t Sing follows all the traditional blues rock tropes musically and lyrically without coming across as cliche. As a debut outing for a new band it holds promise for a tight live show with chanty choruses. 6.5/10

You can listen to Don’t Sing here:

Marc Gallagher