The Calls Become Design a Gig Members

Leeds based band, The Calls, have signed up for Design a Gig’s new membership scheme for 2020. The next 12 months will see the band release 4 new singles with Design a Gig backing them with their creative expertise, contacts and promotion.

Throughout 2020 The Calls will receive support surrounding their 4 new singles, releasing music videos alongside each track, gaining radio airplay, and gaining new fans through social media campaigns. As well as releasing the tracks, the band intend to tour across the country after each single release, focusing on different areas every quarter.

On joining Design a Gig, frontman Tom Fuller said; “We’re really looking forward to pushing forward as a band, with some exciting new tracks on the way, as well as backing them up with plenty of gigs to really grow our presence online and on the live circuit.”

Design a Gig founder Callum Marks added; “We’re delighted to have The Calls on board with us. The next 12 months are set to be extremely exciting with the plans we’ve made together – the dedicated campaigns we’re working on around each release will help take The Calls to the next level in their career.”

About Design a Gig

Manchester music company Design a Gig launched in 2014 and offer musicians services such as Music Videos, Social Media and Radio Promotion, alongside bespoke packages to take care of all the details surrounding single and album releases.

About The Calls

Emerging from the musical hotbed of Leeds, THE CALLS are a vehemently DIY band who write, record and rehearse all their music in a converted barn and travel around in an old window cleaner’s van. The band are driven by the unconventional songwriting of front man TOM FULLER, who puts an introspective slant on social observations through cryptic wordplay and subtle use of metaphor. Lead guitarist WILL JOHNSON is a film maker and visual artist who creates all the band’s videos and backdrops and who, remarkably, had never picked up a guitar before joining the band. His sound is therefore unrestrained, versatile and often highly unusual. Bassist MARCELL HASLEWOOD, a hippy lifeguard finding his way through life via a spiritual combination of ambience and dub, completes the trio with a unique approach to playing that can subvert expectations or lock into catchy grooves in equal measure.

For more information on Design a Gig or The Calls contact Founder Callum Marks on