The Importance Of Saying ‘Fuck It’



As you’re probably aware, a few months ago I did something relatively bold.

I’m spending my first few months of 2019 travelling through Germany (with visits to Czech Republic and Austria) in a bid to broaden my musical horizons, do new things, and work on my language skills.

It all stems from my 2018, in which I bought plane tickets to a few ukulele festivals in Germany and Austria. Did the trips cost me much? Possibly a few hundred, but fuck it! As a result I got my name out there and have built a mini-rapport in the German-speaking ukulele scene, and have made new experiences and memories that I cherish.

During my time as a musician, I started to notice how much time I spent in my comfort zone as I played it safe. I did the same gigs to the same people and found myself jaded at my lack of growth. I had worked so hard to build up stability in music that I started to resent it. As a direct consequence I went to these festivals because fuck it, why shouldn’t I? I realised in late 2018 that my early 2019 gig calendar was rather dry, so I booked the months off and am currently playing music in new countries and experiencing new cultures. I endeavor to sum these up in more blog posts in the future.

It’s very common for us as musicians to worry about money and let it get in the way of our ambitions. Whilst it’s totally understandable, remember that life is short, and quickly we’re going to run out of opportunities to make the most of it.

You can follow in similar footsteps. Wanna play that tour? Wanna go to that festival? Go do that thing! Because fuck it, no one can stop you, and I bet your life will be much better for it.


Marc Gallagher