The Stay Club-Lighthouse

London Indie Pop band The Stay Club are hoping to make waves among the sea of artists in our nation’s capital. While swimming against the tide they have brought out their debut single “Lighthouse”

The moody but moving intro fills you with a head-bobbing swagger before it develops into something funkier and more chromatic. The vibey guitars are washed in reverb and delay as per the rules of this kind of music dictate, but the power and clarity of the drums really enforce the danceable pace of this song.

For the verses Jessica Montgomery peers through with her soft wavering voice dancing melodically through her story of a tiresome relationship wavered in conflict. The use of another voice an octave down really helps support the verses here. The choruses take on a different tone in terms of rhythm and pace, leaving more room for Montgomery’s cries of “Help me” to ring out. This does come at the expense of the inherent groove of the main riff, which was really catchy.

The expansion of the song exercised in the spacious bridge gives a brilliant feeling of resistance and weightlessness that is characteristic of the singers struggle in her troubled relationship, and it settles back to a final chorus to conclude.

For a song that is in places incredibly groovy and funky, “Lighthouse” brings a danceable addition to the flood of indie pop bands. While it has an almost schizophrenic mood to it, one does wonder if The Stay Club make a bigger impact if they were big fish in a small pond? 7/10

You can listen to Lighthouse here:

Marc Gallagher