Toby Burton-Fall Into You EP (Review)



From Penistone to Huddersfield to featured artist slots in Manchester, Tony Burton has given his moody Bon Iver style music all around the country. After an appearance on our podcast, I have a copy of his June EP for review:

The titular opening track begins things gently enough with a bright but lowly acoustic guitar scraping like the pain in his melodious voice. The ambient choruses with subtle electric guitar licks really broaden the soundscape of one man and his guitar.

“The Middle” carry’s a similar tone, as the slow simple chords leave room for the song’s innate feeling to manifest in you. The chorus escalates with the addition of sizzling percussion and a gentle bass, doing an excellent job of sonically progressing while maintaining tasteful to the artistic mood Burton’s emotive style.

A broad piano intro forms the gravitational pull to the song “Satellite” with its soft-pop harmonic structure that would fit surprisingly well in a rom-com. Lines like “sink the ship I’m about to capsize” embody the depressing and lost themes that orbit you.

“Days Like These” returns to Passenger passages of guitar as he channels his Sheeran sway with lyrical themes of missing days of youth, akin to “Castle On The Hill”. I feel like of all the songs on this EP, this one has the least to say.

The closing “Home” returns to the slow minor piano motif, and the expressive titular hook really exercises Burton’s range both emotively and vocally, bringing the EP to a somber close.

“Fall Into You” is an EP of great artistic expression, in which Burton stays true to his style with great songwriting, excellent production, and an emotive delivery. However, it is an EP that can only be truly enjoyed in a particular mindset, and like with David Gorman’s “Another Midnight”, certain listeners could interpret it as boring. I however find it beautiful. 8.5/10

You can listen to Fall Into You here:

Marc Gallagher