Zacq & Mari-a cross-continental ukulele journey (Review)

Zacq & Mari are a ukulele-pop duo who seek to combine the musical styles and nuances of their respective nationalities-Germany and Singapore. With such a unique pairing, this makes for an interesting clash of styles:

Instantly we are introduced to pretty fingerpicking over a dancing bassline. The subtle percussion and the seamless arrangements of ukulele parts support Mari’s camp silliness and Zacquine’s strong voice, as the opening track merges fun with great technical ukulele skill.

The album is writhe with great writing and production, from the blues feel of “Oh Lord”, to the traditional Japanese music of “Shizukesaya”, to the simple hook-based pop fun of “NamNam”, this album travels through genres in effortless fashion. “Drawn To You” is an excellent display of pop songwriting, with an infectious harmonious hook that brings vibes of 90’s girlbands. Seriously, I thought this was a TLC cover!

Their covers are also great, providing a unique take on “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” that replaces haunting creepiness with jazzy suave and personality. While some songs don’t quite do anything for me, the majority of their album is bursting with head-bobbers!

Overall, this album is fantastic. It’s well-written, well-arranged, and performed with great confidence and skill. The production is smooth and clear, and you’re taken on a musical journey of multiple cultures and continents. I wasn’t expecting something this creative, but now I think that Zacq & Mari are criminally underrated. 8/10

You can listen to a cross-continental ukulele journey here:

Marc Gallagher